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Chip Letter Links No.11: NEC V20, Psion, Richard Feynman, Xmas Trees

The Founding of ASML - Part 1: The Philips Era

Chip Letter Links No.10: Transistor 75th Anniversary, CPU Duke, Wafer Scale, Quarter Scale Retro-computing

How Long Will x86 Endure?

Chip Letter Links No. 9 : RISC-V, Tank Simulation, Unix History, IBM Research, Fred Brooks and more.

RISC-V : The Last ISA?

Chip Letter Links No. 8: The Photomask, CHIPS for America, Megaprocessor, Compiler Explorer, Z80 Secrets And More

Motorola, Intel, IBM Make A Mainframe in a PC - The PC XT/370

65 Reasons To Celebrate The 6502

Adam Tooze On Writing And Productivity

Chip Letter Links No. 7: RISC Pioneers, Sophie Wilson, ASML Book, Finger Chips, Home Made Chips and More

David Patterson Speech on RISC at Draper Prize

The Mainframe In Your Pocket

60-Bit Computing

Chip Letter Links No.6 : Gigatron, Altair, Thinking Machines, Awesome Emulators and More

Cash, Canadians and CPUs : Intel's 'Lost' Early Microprocessor

Chip Letter Links No. 5: 4004, PiDP 10, Andy Grove, Decapping, UTM on the Mac and more

The Legacy Of The Intel 4004

Chip War : Economics Battles Geopolitics

Chip Letter Links No. 4: Chip War, ASML, DEC, Virtual Lorenz and more

The First RISC: John Cocke and the IBM 801

Writing IBM S/360 Assembly By Hand

Chip Letter Links No. 3: Virtual Data Center, AI Designs, Floppy Disks, MONIAC, Jobs, Chip Art

Thanks, What's Coming Soon and a Poll

Substack, Friction And The Paradox of Choice

Inside Intel's 8087

Chip Letter Links No. 2: Arpanet, The First Byte, Nodes, ENIAC.

Faraday and Babbage: Semiconductors And Computing in 1833

The First Intel 'Fab'

Chip Letter Links No. 1

AMD's Early Math Innovation

Bytecode and the Busicom

The Strangeness Of The Intel 4004

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The Arc of History Bends Towards Performance Per Watt

Little Power In A Small, Cheap Package

Robert Noyce And The Road To El Dorado